Men Share 8 Habits That Make Their Lives Easier, and Women May Want to Take a Peek

By being strong, women are getting more educated, inserting themselves in the labor market, and always finding ways to get things done. Even so, peeking at methods and what men do in their everyday lives may help women thrive even more.

We at Broken Panda believe that men and women can both learn positive traits from one another. But today we’d like to focus on the characteristics that women can learn from men.

8. Accepting breakups in a better way.

When it comes to breakups, a study found that women find more excuses for why things just didn’t work out. Many movies portray this scenario in a similar light wherein a couple breaks up and the guy goes out to a party or hangs out with his friends, while the girl sobs over ice cream or cries over the phone to a close friend or her sister.

  • ” [When it comes to breakups, I, as a man] remind myself of my boundaries and standards, and if they were not met—especially in this drastic of a case, then I’m wasting precious time even thinking about it.“
  • “First off, hit the gym and go beast mode, your confidence will be raised and you’ll have new goals to work toward.”
  • “Start by getting yourself occupied. The busier you are the less you start to think about them [ex-partner]. Set goals and achieve them. Next thing you know, you start to love yourself more than you ever did before.”

What women can learn from men: After a breakup, get yourself together and move on!

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