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Cory’s mother decided to add a week-long acting camp to her son’s summer itinerary because she just had a feeling that he’d like it, and she was right. He asked to be put into a class for professional actors, so his mother signed him up at the world-acclaimed Arts Umbrella. After studying for six months he asked for an agent, went in to read for one of the best (Trudy Aronson of Premiere Talent Management) and landed an agent.Within one month of ‘going pro’, he went out for his first audition and nailed it. He got his first acting role on the popular and critically acclaimed series Fargo (2014) and flew to Calgary to perform his very first lines in sign-language. He had just returned to Vancouver when he got the role of 11-year-old Arden, a younger version of a character played by William Moseley in the TV movie My Sweet Audrina (2016) from a book by famed novelist Virginia C. Andrews.When he got the recurring role of Aden in the enormously popular TV series The 100 (2014), he really didn’t know what to expect. It meant using the sword-play that he had learned in medieval fighting classes. He was in a group of 14-year-old and younger who all had brown or black belts. Filming “The 100” only one year after taking an acting camp was surreal for him which went up a couple more notches when he experienced the overwhelming fan response to his character. For This Is Your Death (2017), he bravely shaved his head and took on the role of a child with cancer and got to work with Sarah Wayne Callies in a film directed by Giancarlo Esposito.He also found the time to land three commercials, one of which was as a teen Sasquatch. Apparently his mother did not let him wander around the nearby campgrounds to try to scare campers as it was an area where people practiced target shooting. Guest-starring role on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2016) was also exciting, because he got to play the young Per Degaton, who just might become one of the most evil super-villains ever.

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