6 Things You Need to Know Before Using Pore Strips

We may love nose strips for their ease of use, but it turns out there can be some side effects and nuances in their application. It’s always better to know all of the specialists’ tips, to avoid unwanted results. So, before you use a pore strip, let’s take a closer look at them.

We at Bright Side understand the importance of the right beauty procedures and would love to share some professional information with you about pore strips.

1. Pore strips won’t prevent blackheads.

Nose strips won’t prevent blackheads from occurring again and won’t reduce the buildup of oil. That’s why you may see those black dots on your nose again very soon afterward.

Dermatologists suggest using nose strips repeatedly. This can be once or twice a week, to avoid blackheads.

2. Nose strips don’t provide deep cleaning.

Dermatologists say that nose strips actually won’t make the pores on your nose absolutely clean. The strong adhesive only removes the top layers of dead skin cells and lots of dirt still remains inside the pores. So, you may need a deep cleaning procedure anyways.

3. Pore strips can irritate your skin.

Specialists say that if you have sensitive skin, pore strips can irritate and even damage it. This happens because the adhesive can pull out some hairs and mess up your skin. Besides, it’s better to check and see if you have an allergy to the adhesive. For example, you can try applying it to your hand first.

4. Steam your face for 10-20 minutes before applying a pore strip.

Hot water and steam may help loosen the sebum inside your pores. So your strips can remove the sebum better. Just do a steam bath for your face for about 10-20 minutes or apply hot towels on your face. Your pores will open wider and it will be easier to get rid of blackheads.

5. Cut your strips for better results.

Beauty vloggers recommend cutting the edges of your pore strip so it is easier to adjust it according to the shape of your nose. In this case, you can avoid bubbles under the strip so you won’t miss any spots on your nose. You can also cut it in half and use on both sides of your cheeks.

6. Use an ice cube after applying a pore strip.

Sticky nose strips can make pores appear larger after removing the top of the blackhead. This might make your pores more sensitive to infection.

You can try to use an ice cube after using a strip. This will help you close your pores. If you are not a fan of this procedure, just rinse your face with cold water.

How often do you use nose strips? Do you try to deep clean your pores from time to time?


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