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10 Signs Your Child Could Be in Trouble in School

Don’t be busy to notice that and help your child immediately

If your child starts to do worse at school or not go to class, this could be a sign that they are in trouble: maybe, they are being bullied by classmates or maybe they don’t get enough attention at home. But there are some other behavior signs that can indicate that a child is in trouble and they are really easy to miss.

The BrokenPanda team knows how busy modern parents are and how easy it is to miss certain details about the behavior of their children. Of course, these signs might not mean anything at all, but you should still pay attention to them. Just in case.

10. Looks messy or wears clothes that are not right for the weather

A child that has to deal with problems — physical or emotional, stops taking care of themselves. They don’t shower as often, they wear dirty clothes, and they wear things that are not right for the weather.

09. Feels hungry all the time

One of the most intuitive ways to deal with stress is to eat. A child that is in trouble is always hungry, tired, and not active at all. Of course, there is a chance that they are tired of school (for example, if it’s just before exams), but it’s better to pay attention to this sign, especially if a child comes home extremely hungry. It might mean that there’s a reason why they don’t go to the school cafeteria — maybe someone is taking away their pocket money.

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