10 Genius Tips That Will Hack Your Body and Mind

Even though it seemed rather fantastic in the past, nowadays, science is accepting that our minds have quite a big influence over our physical health. Our bodies and minds are very connected and it’s really amazing how different processes in us can be controlled and triggered by each of them.

We at Bright Side are very curious about new discoveries and have collected some useful tips for you to deal with different things and situations that happen to you.

1. Use your non-dominant hand to eat less.

If you love snacking and sometimes even can’t stop — there is a cool way to control this. Switch to your non-dominant hand, and researchers say you will eat less.

2. Apply ice on your hand for a toothache.

This one may sound rather unbelievable, but a research has shown — an ice massage of the web between the thumb and index finger of the hand on the same side as the toothache will greatly reduce your tooth pain.

3. Sleep right after studying to learn better.

10 Genius Tips That Will Hack Your Body and Mind

This experiment showed that it really works — if you fall asleep right after you learn something new, you will remember it better than if you stay awake for a longer time.

4. Chew gum to concentrate.

Researchers suggest that chewing gum helps you to stay focused for longer on tasks that need continuous concentration, like reading.

5. A pencil in the mouth can boost your mood.

Try this if you are stressed out or in a bad mood. A psychological research project showed that holding chopsticks in the mouth, in a manner that produces a smile, will actually make you happier.

6. Write down your emotions before an exam to perform better.

Researchers from the University of Chicago believe this trick can work. To get a better grade, just write about your anxiety and worries before your exam.

7. Listen with your right ear to hear better.

Everyday background noise and permanent interruptions can really affect your ability to fully understand what you hear. However, a study says that both children and adults listen better with their right ear.

8. Beat jet lag by regulating meal times.

All of us have at least once experienced jet lag. But researches suggest a way to escape it — just regulate your meal times regardless of the time zone you are traveling to, like always eat at the same time every day.

9. Break big projects into small pieces to be more productive.

Specialists believe that any task can be much more manageable if you break it down into smaller pieces. You should then think about the logical order of completing those pieces and create a timeline for accomplishing them.

10. Start your day with the most difficult task to perform better.

We tend to start with easier and more pleasurable tasks, however, this affects our productivity in a bad way. Instead, a study suggests that we should do the opposite — do the hardest task first and your performance during the day will be better.

Which unusual tips and hacks do you use to make your life easier? Share them with us!

Written by Emily Olson


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